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Texas has a great many train accidents each year and, as recently as 2019, had the most of any single state. Each year, approximately 1,000 Americans die in train-related accidents. 

More than half of all train accidents happen at unprotected crossings, and 8 out of 10 crossings are unprotected. Those are daunting statistics. Occupants of a car hitting a train are 40 times more likely to die than if they had hit another vehicle. So, we know that there are lots of train accidents and that they have severe consequences. What then causes them?

Causes of Train Accidents in Texas

  • Negligence – All sorts of negligence contribute to train accidents. The company may maintain its tracks or equipment badly. Railroad employees may act carelessly. Even other vehicles on the road may negligently collide with a train.
  • Reckless pedestrians and drivers – Everyone thinks they can beat the oncoming train. You can’t, so don’t try. 
  • Stalled cars on the track – As noted, you can’t beat the train and if your call stalls when you’re trying to, get out as quickly as you can. 
  • Human error – An inexperienced or exhausted railroad employee can make mistakes running the train. 
  • Mechanical failure – Rare but not unheard of. 
  • Speedy trains & Bad Tracks – Speed worsens an accident whether it’s the car or the train that is speeding. In many places, track conditions simply won’t support high speeds. 
  • Derailments – Derailments can be among the most catastrophic of train accidents, causing major property damage, injuries, and deaths
  • Unprotected railroad crossings – Unprotected, unmarked railroad crossings comprise the vast majority or railroad crossings and lots of accidents happen at them. All of the usual causes of accidents apply – with even more force – at these intersections. 
  • Stalled cars on the track

Railroad Crossing Accidents

Nearly 6000 car-train accidents happen each year in the US, and more than half of them happen at railroad crossings. The usual cause of these accidents is driver error. Indeed, although unmarked crossings can be very dangerous, more than half of annual fatalities occur at protected intersections. 

One of every five accidents involves a car hitting the side of a train, usually after the driver has deliberately avoided protective devices at the intersection. Whatever the cause, the differences in the size and weight of the two vehicles mean that the passengers in the motor vehicle are likely to be life-shatteringly injured. 

How Can a Train Accident Lawyer Help You

If you or someone you love has been involved in a train accident, a train accident attorney can help you put your life back together. An experienced and knowledgeable train accident lawyer will have the skills necessary to obtain the best possible recovery for you. Your railroad accident lawyer will understand the severity of the physical injuries resulting from a train accident and the lifelong, life altering consequences of those injuries.. Contact a railroad accident attorney for an initial case evaluation and consultation. Working with a TX law firm experienced in railroad accidents will ensure careful attention to the long-term costs of your injuries and make sure your recovery is as complete as possible. 

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