Brain Injury

Brain injuries wreak havoc with the lives of those who suffer from them. Brain injuries affect their victims physically, emotionally, and financially. 

Brain injuries are more typically referred to today as Traumatic Brain Injuries or TBIs. TBIs are generally deemed mild, like a mild concussion, or severe, such as an injury in which there was a significant loss of consciousness. Any brain injury, no matter how seemingly mild it seems, can have long-term devastating effects.

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injury in TX

The most common cause of TBIs in Texas is motor vehicle accidents, which account for almost half of the TBIs that require hospitalization. Sports or recreational activities are the second most common cause, and physical assault is the third. Among those over the age of 65, the most common cause is falls. A very small but rising cause of TBI is gunshot wounds, of which well more than half are classified as suicide attempts. 

Firearm-related suicide is the most common cause of TBI-related death is the United States. Falls among the elderly are the other leading cause of TBI-related death. 

Falls are an important cause of TBI because they occur so frequently among very young children and very old adults. Falls result in the largest number of TBI emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

The prevalence of sports-related TBIs had led to many changes in school and university athletic programs. Far more protective gear is mandated, and injured parties are usually immediately benched for a specified period. This latter reaction reflects the knowledge that repeated TBIs are highly dangerous and a recognition of the need to protect youngsters from them. . 

Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury

Although doctors no longer treat any TBI lightly, TBIs are still classified as mild or severe. The symptoms vary between the two.

Mild TBI Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of mild traumatic brain injury may include:

  • Headache that eventually passes
  • Sensitivity to light or sound
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Sensory problems, such as blurred vision, a bad taste in the mouth, or changes in the sense of smell
  • Fatigue or drowsiness; sleep disturbances
  • Dizziness, vertigo, or loss of balance
  • Problems with speech
  • Ringing in the ears

Cognitive, behavioral, or mental symptoms

  • Brief loss of consciousness 
  • State of being dazed, confused, or disoriented
  • Memory or concentration problems
  • Mood changes or mood swings
  • Confusion
  • Feeling depressed or anxious
  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Sleeping more than usual

Severe TBI Symptoms

Moderate to severe TBIs can exhibit all of the symptoms of a mild TBI, but the symptoms do not improve. There are additional symptoms as well.

Physical symptoms

  • Extended loss of consciousness; coma
  • Clear fluid draining from ears or nose
  • Convulsions or seizures
  • Persistent headache or headache that does not improve
  • Repeated vomiting or nausea
  • Dilation of one or both pupils of the eyes
  • Inability to awaken from sleep
  • Weakness or numbness in arms, legs, fingers and toes
  • Loss of coordination or motor function
  • Death

Cognitive, behavioral, or mental symptoms

  • Profound confusion
  • Loss of executive function; confusion
  • Agitation, combativeness, or other unusual behavior
  • Slurred speech
  • Coma and other disorders of consciousness

How a Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You

TBIs, even so-called mild TBIs can have long-lasting and life-altering consequences. The likelihood of a TBI, for example, increases exponentially upon experiencing the first TBI. Repeat TBIs cause significant brain damage and special forms of dementia only now being recognized among athletes. 

A traumatic brain injury lawyer can help you or your injured loved one to begin the fight back to a normal life. The treatments and effects of TBI can be lifelong and very expensive. Counseling or surgery may be required, and rehabilitation to regain lost skills may also be necessary. 

An experienced traumatic brain injury attorney will understand the injuries you or your loved one may have suffered and the potential for compensation for those injuries. Contact a knowledgeable TBI lawyer near you in Texas for an initial evaluation and consultation on your case. 

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