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If you live in El Paso, TX, and have a legal issue you need to solve, you may not know what steps to take next.  You may know your rights, but you might not understand how the law affects your situation.

Or maybe you think you need the help of a family lawyer or someone who can assist with business law issues, such as contract negotiation, employment issues, or business litigation. An experienced El Paso, Texas, law firm can provide the guidance that you need to get past your problem.

You may also feel overwhelmed by all of the local lawyers who are available to help solve your case. For example, maybe you need advice on what to expect next in El Paso civil court or criminal defense cases. If so, you can read the tips below to help you better understand your legal choices and what it takes to be successful in court.

One of the most important areas in which people need a good attorney is in a criminal case. In El Paso, Texas, you can face criminal charges for causes such as assault and battery, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or drug possession. You can also be charged with a crime for not paying child support. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in El Paso, you may need an experienced defense attorney by your side.

Your future and freedom may be at stake, and it can be hard to understand the complicated legal system on your own. A good El Paso criminal defense attorney can look at all of the evidence – including witness statements – to build a strong case for you.

In certain cases, a plea deal may be offered by the prosecution. This means that you plead guilty to a lesser crime – or to only some of the crimes with which you have been charged –to avoid going through a public trial. A good attorney can help decide whether accepting this kind of deal is best for your situation.

In what areas of law can our lawyers help?

Some of the most common types of criminal charges with which a lawyer can assist include:

  • Assault
  • Prostitution
  • Marijuana possession
  • Drug trafficking
  • Gun charges
  • Credit card fraud

You may have questions about how the law could help you get justice and resolve your case. In addition, you might be worried about how to find a lawyer who can take away some of that worry for you, while also understanding the facts of your specific situation. Our lawyers are ready to help.

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