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Misdiagnosis Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is often misdiagnosed because it can resemble other common conditions. Misdiagnosis causes delays in treatment or incorrect treatment which can lead to worsening health complications, permanent disability, disfigurement, or even death.

Some causes of misdiagnosis are:

  • Failure of health professionals to consider alternative diagnoses and rule out breast cancer as a possible cause of the presenting symptoms.
  • A lack of awareness about what breast cancer looks like and not looking into possible causes for signs or symptoms, neglecting necessary tests, or not having the proper equipment to properly identify the problem.
  • Breast cancer often being treated as a “women’s disease,”  resulting in a lack of medical attention to men with symptoms of breast cancer. 
  • A doctor prescribing the wrong treatment or giving no treatment at all. 

Studies have shown that cancer patients with an incorrect diagnosis before treatment have a much lower chance of survival. When breast cancer is misdiagnosed, it can progress to a stage where curative treatment options are no longer available.  Misdiagnosis could be prevented by ensuring health professionals are aware of the symptoms so they can ask questions and perform necessary tests,  or refer to other health professionals if needed.

Breast Cancer Delayed Diagnosis

Delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is far too common, as the signs and symptoms of breast cancer are often subtle, vague, or easily missed by doctors. In recent years it has been highlighted by successful compensation claims made against negligent hospitals and by a number of high-profile cases that have come to court.

The main reasons for delayed diagnosis are:

  •   Missed diagnosis – Where the cancer is missed on the mammogram or an initial biopsy. This may happen due to a failure of the doctor carrying out the examination.
  •   Failure to refer  – Where a patient’s GP may feel that the symptoms displayed are not serious enough to warrant a referral for further diagnosis. This can be due to either lack of awareness or too much workload and pressure on doctors, leading them to dismiss the symptoms as unimportant.
  •   Delayed referral – This is where a patient encounters difficulties in getting an appointment with a specialist and as a result, the condition continues to deteriorate.

Delay in diagnosis is not necessarily a direct cause of death from breast cancer, but it can lead to further complications and delays in treatment with an increased danger of the disease spreading. In addition, the delay will have caused unnecessary distress and worry to the patient.

Breast Cancer Lawyer in Texas

A breast cancer lawyer in Texas can help you get compensation for breast cancer after an erroneous or delayed diagnosis. A breast cancer attorney can put you in touch with doctors and other professionals to help with your claim and ensure all avenues are explored, including SSI for breast cancer.

You may qualify for SSI benefits for breast cancer if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and your doctor previously failed to follow up with a proper diagnosis after a mammogram showed an abnormal finding. If your delay in being properly diagnosed has resulted in advanced breast cancer, then you may be entitled to SSI disability benefits. If your breast cancer is diagnosed as late-stage or terminal, your attorney can help you apply for Compassionate Allowance to receive benefits more quickly.

You should seek medical records from your family doctor or GPs as well as specialists. You will need any mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies, and even pathology reports to hand over to your attorney. A misdiagnosis breast cancer attorney will help you to establish a timeline of events and look for inconsistencies in the medical evidence.

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are seeking SSI compensation due to a misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose cancer, speak to a TX breast cancer lawyer at our firm. They will advise on whether you have an excellent claim and help you move forward.

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