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Texas is the second-largest state, and thus, it has no shortage of lawyers. In fact, there are over 75,000 practicing attorneys in the Lone Star state. Aside from being one of the 27 states that still uses capital punishment, law enforcement here is known to generally crack down quite severely with many types of crime.  

The state has some rather unique laws. For instance, the 10th Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals has held that, in Texas, judges can impose a sentence below the minimum sentence so long as they explain why they are doing so. The Texas legislature has also considered expanding the state’s “stop and identify law.” This law is meant to allow police officers to arrest people who refuse to identify themselves when approached by an officer.

Texas is also distinct regarding its tax policies. For one thing, the state is one of only nine that have an “alternative minimum tax.” This tax is meant to ensure that high-income earners are not able to avoid paying taxes altogether through offsets and deductions. State residents are also slapped with a “state franchise tax” that typically falls into two categories. These include the general franchise tax imposed on corporations that do business in Texas and the margins tax imposed on retailers who either benefit from or use property within the state. 

Despite the staggering number of attorneys, not everyone has an easy time finding one in Texas. While there are many lawyers out there, it might be the case that relatively few of them are qualified for your particular needs. In order to find a great lawyer, you will need to ask questions, including how long they have been practicing law and which areas they have the most experience with. 

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