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    Even for business owners following all applicable rules and regulations, a tax dispute or IRS audit can be an expensive and terrifying ordeal. If you have received a tax letter from the IRS or experienced any tax issues with the IRS, you need help right now. Depending on your circumstances, failing to get the right assistance can end up subjecting you to serious consequences.

    Tax lawyer and IRS Enrolled Agent, Nick Ananin, Esq., EA, has helped hundreds of individuals and businesses get the tax assistance they needed right on time. He and his team are ready to deal with your tax controversy at any level: locally (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), or nationally.

    Resolve Tax Dispute with Our Help
    Ending up in tax court can turn out to be one of the scariest experiences of a lifetime for a business owner. That’s why hundreds of clients have trusted Nick Ananin with their tax problems. He has many years of experience navigating complex tax controversies and communicating efficiently with the IRS. He is qualified to take on the burden and complexity of your tax problems so that you don’t have to handle the IRS or other collections agencies alone.

    Maybe you have received a certified letter from the IRS. Maybe the state comptroller is questioning your last return. Worse still, maybe you are facing liens, levies, or garnishments. If so, you don’t have to face the taxing authorities alone. Nick Ananin, Esq., EA, and his team will investigate every aspect of your situation and the facts surrounding it. Then we will work with you to craft the ideal strategy to achieve the most favorable results.

    What’s Taxing You?
    Tax controversies can occur at any level, from state tax preparation to dealing with delicate international filing requirements. It doesn’t matter which type, size, or level of tax dispute you are facing—we are here to help.

    IRS audits and appeals. According to the IRS, over one million taxpayers are audited every year. If you have received an audit letter, time is of the essence. An experienced tax attorney can help you create a strategy to avoid criminal and civil exposure.
    Criminal tax investigations. IRS criminal cases generally begin with an administrative investigation. Often, subjects of these investigations have no knowledge of the investigation until the IRS has already built a substantial case.If you know or suspect that you or your business are the focus of a criminal investigation, you need to contact an experienced tax attorney right away. Generally, the earlier an attorney can intervene legally, the better the chance of obtaining a favorable resolution.
    Tax planning. As in most things, proper planning on the front end can avoid a myriad of problems in the long run, and taxes are no exception. Sound and strategic tax planning, both for individuals and business entities, can set you up for long-term financial success and help you avoid problems down the road. Our comprehensive approach, both for individuals and business entities, will look at your entire investment, estate, and insurance situation to ensure that you are adequately covered across the board.
    Tax litigation. While avoiding litigation is usually the best option, sometimes it is inevitable. Whether you are appearing before a local, state, or federal taxing agency, proper legal representation is essential at this stage. Our office can represent you at administrative and judicial proceedings concerning estate tax valuations, partnership taxation disputes, foreign tax credits, tax-exemption disputes, ERISA issues, penalty and interest issues, and compliance with FBAR, FACTA, and FIRPTA.
    Unfiled returns. Knowing that you have one or more unfiled tax returns can be unnerving. No matter what your situation, filing these returns as soon as possible will be in your best interest. Not only will you avoid having a substitute for return filed, but you also may be eligible for credits and deductions. If the return is less than three years late, you may even be eligible for any refund due. Don’t let your fears keep you from filing your late returns. Contact us today.
    IRS collections or unpaid tax debt. If you have been contacted by the IRS or another debt collection agency regarding unpaid taxes, you need to act now. Better yet, let an experienced Pennsylvania tax attorney act on your behalf. Legal intervention may be able to stop the IRS from seizing your house, bank accounts, or other assets. Further, we can negotiate with the IRS and secure a fair and equitable settlement.
    Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and a host of other cryptocurrencies have exploded in popularity in the past few years. So fast that tax agencies and regulators have struggled to keep up. However, if you have made any income from cryptocurrency, that income is subject to state and federal tax law. To make sure that your earnings are accurately and timely reported, consult with one of our experienced attorneys today. Additionally, we can help you craft a tax planning strategy to maximize your cryptocurrency investments going forward.

    No matter what your tax issues may be, a Philadelphia tax law firm can help you find the best resolution. Don’t risk your business or peace of mind by placing your tax issue(s) in the wrong hands. When you’re ready to resolve your tax dispute, it’s time to contact the Premier team. Call today to schedule a consultation: (267) 245-0649.

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