What is Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a payroll tax-funded insurance program of the federal government. Supplemental Security Income is, on the other hand, based solely on low income.  

Disability income benefits can be paid to disabled workers who meet certain criteria. SSDI benefits are paid to disabled or blind people who are “insured” by workers’ contributions to the Social Security Trust Fund. These contributions are based on the individuals’ earnings (or those of their spouse or parents) required by the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA). Title II of the Social Security Act authorizes SSDI benefits.

To qualify for SSDI, an individual must meet Social Security’s disability criteria of being “insured,” in addition to having limited income and resources. The Social Security Disability benefits program was established to provide financial relief and security for Americans who have been disabled. 

The Federal Government funds SSI from general tax revenues. Many states pay a supplemental benefit to people in addition to their federal benefits. Other states manage their own program and make their payments separately. Title XVI of the Social Security Act authorizes SSI benefits. An SSD attorney can help you understand the programs and facilitate your application to these programs.  Working with an SSD attorney can help to assure you get the benefits to which you are entitled. 

The Social Security Administration (SSA) bases an individual’s monthly payment amount on the worker’s lifetime average earnings covered by Social Security. The Social Security Administration may reduce the amount if the recipient receives Workers’ Compensation payments and other state and civil public disability benefits. The amount of the payment is adjusted for SSDI each year for cost-of-living changes.  SSI payments are calculated by subtracting your income (as defined by SSA) from the SSI monthly benefit.  The remainder is your benefit.  

How an SSD Lawyer Can Help You

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