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How Does a Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer Guide You Through U.S. immigration laws?

An immigration lawyer in Philadelphia can provide you with guidance on the many different aspects of U.S. immigration laws and regulations.  A lawyer can help you to obtain individual immigration status and can also provide immigration services for an organization. An experienced attorney will possess sufficient knowledge, persistence, and experience to help you succeed in getting your immigration. 

An immigration lawyer in Philadelphia can provide you with assistance on how to obtain visas related to employment and other issues.   Your immigration attorney can also help with immigration issues for documented visitors. Immigrants who want to live with family, work in America, or return to the United States after they have travelled abroad face many complex challenges. In addition to this, the overall process of gathering all the documents needed for the application process can be a complicated one.

How Do I Obtain Immigration Visas and Green Cards?

Residents of foreign countries who wish to remain in the United States for extended periods or who want to establish permanent US residency must acquire a visa to do so.   An application with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) initiates the process. 

However, the process of obtaining a visa can be exhausting and demanding as there are more than 180 types of visas. Immigrants who want to settle in the United States must first determine whether they want an immigrant visa or a non-immigrant visa. 

An immigrant visa is a type of visa that permits people from foreign countries to enter the United States and stay for an extended indeterminate period. There are two categories of immigrant visas:

  • Visas with numerical issue limitations
  • Visas without numerical issue limitations

There is a significant difference between these types of visas. Visas that are subject to numerical limitations are generally given to those people whose qualifications are family-based or employer-sponsored. Visas that are not subject to numerical limitations are intended for the immediate relatives of citizens of the United States, residents who are returning from their travel, and former citizens of the United States. If you plan to apply for a visa, you should consider seeking help from a seasoned lawyer in Philadelphia who will be ready to assist you with any difficulty regarding immigration.

A large body of regulations is in place for those who seek to qualify as a parent, spouse, child, or citizen of a citizen or permanent resident. Visa regulations also impose significant limitations on those who apply for employment-based or family-sponsored visas. Several steps are required to obtain any immigrant visa. The applications for employment-based and family-sponsored visas are multi-tiered. 

The USCIS and the Department of State may require various documents and forms. Employment-based and family-sponsored visas are the two types of visas that are subject to each country’s numerical caps. This puts a limitation on the number of visas that are awarded to people each year. If you want to get an immigrant visa, then you should seek help from one of the experienced immigration law firms in Philadelphia.

There is also a diversity lottery that admits up to 50,000 immigrants each year who are seeking to emigrate from countries having low admission rates to the United States The USCIS sanctions the diversity lottery that permits immigrants coming from low admission countries to enter the United States to obtain what would otherwise be a very difficult to obtain visa as compared to other countries. The applicants who are from such countries must meet certain requirements including:  

  • They must have a high school diploma or 
  • They must have two years of work experience within in the past five years in a profession that requires at least two years of training
  • They must have two years of training in some particular skills such as marketing or possess other abilities.

If you want to know more details regarding different types of immigration visas, then consider taking help from a skilled Philadelphia immigration attorney.

The non-immigrant visas are further segregated into various categories. In addition to these categories, there is a number of supplementary categories for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) country professionals, career diplomats, students, temporary workers, foreign media, religious workers, entertainers, temporary visitors, and North American Free Trade Agreement professionals. The most common type of non-immigrant visa is one  obtained by students and temporary workers.

Family-sponsored green cards

A green card (which is no longer green) is the identity card that signifies permanent residence status for any foreign national. The applicants who are applying for a green card must abide by certain strict standards to qualify for the same. When an individual gets a green card, then they can file a petition to sponsor their preferred relatives to come to America as well (called by some “chain” immigration). 

Preference relatives may include minor or married children, parents, spouses, and siblings. The process of obtaining a visa for a family member can be long and complicated. Therefore, you are strongly urged to seek help from a knowledgeable immigration lawyer in Philadelphia who has significant experience in handling such cases. It will likely take months or even years to have your application processed and approved by the State Department and the USCIS.

Travel Documents Required by Immigrants

Required immigrant travel documents are categorised into three types including a re-entry permit, an advance parole document, and a refugee travel document. Individuals who are permanent residents, conditional permanent residents, green card holders, refugees, those seeking asylum in the United States, and people who have received a Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) can apply for any of the three categories of travel documents. 

This procedure, when complete, will allow them to leave and return to America without any problems with immigration. The overall procedure of applying for the travel documents can require at least three months. 

All persons applying for a visa must be fingerprinted, and take part in an interview conducted with a USCIS representative.   At that interview, you will provide the mandatory documents required under USCIS rules and regulations for the visa you are seeking. 

The process can be time-consuming and overwhelming particularly for those who do not speak or write English or are not fluent in English.

Advantages of Family-based immigration

Immigrants who succeed in entering the United States on family visas receive green cards. These immigrants possess essentially similar rights and freedoms as those citizens who are born in America including:

  • The green card holders can live with full freedom in the United States. There is however a condition that these immigrants must refrain from engaging in any criminal activity or break the laws. If they violate these provisions, these immigrants will be deported and have to leave the United States.
  • Green card holders are free to attend universities and colleges or earn a degree.
  • These immigrants can hold employment in various fields of their own choice. However, there may be some limitations that may pose a serious concern for the immigrants.  Certain jobs do require US citizenship, but they are relatively rare.   
  • They cannot vote in federal elections but in some jurisdictions may be able to vote in local elections. 
  • They will be protected and safeguarded in accordance with local, state, and national laws.
  • The immigrants can travel freely outside the United States and can enter again so long as they are travelling with a passport and a permanent resident card.

When to seek help from a Philadelphia immigration lawyer

Many prospective immigrants may be confused and overwhelmed by the complexity of current laws and regulations governing the immigration process in the United States. 

However, consulting with a knowledgeable immigration attorney can ensure that all such individuals receive help with the complex procedure of immigration, comprehend all the required documents, and comply with the limitations that are imposed by visas and the permits. 

In addition to this, experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel will also help to meet all the criteria required in the immigration process and comply with all applicable deadlines. If you or someone you love needs help in immigration laws, then you should seek assistance from a capable immigration lawyer.

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