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A Philadelphia Family Lawyer Can Answer All Your Questions Related to Family Law

If you or your loved ones are going through a divorce and you are not receiving the child support or alimony you believe you deserve, then you should seek advice from a skilled family lawyer who can manage your case. A seasoned family law lawyer will answer all your queries and will work hard to reach a successful outcome in your case.

Alimony is a difficult issue for any divorce case. In the beginning of a divorce proceeding, the spouses are often relatively amicable toward each other. However, alimony and support issues can rapidly transform the situation.

Alimony is also called spousal maintenance which is a court order that requires one of the spouses to provide financial support to the other during or after the divorce. Alimony has always been rare and is now awarded in less than one in ten divorces. The concept of alimony is a complex one, making it essential for the couples to seek help from a Philadelphia family lawyer.

Alimony and the divorce proceedings
Most people believe that alimony means a payment made to one of the spouses when the divorce is finalized; however, this is usually not the case. Instead, in some cases, the court might order one of the spouses to pay alimony to the other partner during pendency of the divorce proceedings and until the divorce is final.

Alimony of this type is referred to as alimony pendente lite. Unlike spousal support, there are no defenses to a claim for alimony pendente lite which is intended to equalize the ability of the spouses to manage the divorce process.

Spousal support refers to the periodic payments that are made to a dependent spouse during the time divorce proceedings are going on and after. Although, Alimony pendente lite and spousal support are somewhat similar. It is possible to challenge an award of spousal support based on things like marital fault or post-separation cohabitation.

The amount of spousal support is calculated similarly to child support. If you want to know more about the various aspects of alimony then consider consulting with a competent family court lawyer in Philadelphia.

In both cases, whether it is the spousal support or the alimony pendente lite, the dependent spouse will be given the living expenses and, sometimes, the divorce fees to the other spouse. However, there is a condition that you cannot receive both spousal support and alimony pendente lite. Both types of alimony are awarded by a judge. AlthoughBoth types are different from the alimony that a spouse receives after the divorce.

Alimony Awarded Post-Divorce
Alimony may be awarded to one spouse post-divorce. This is the common type of alimony that most people are familiar with. Seek guidance from a renowned Philadelphia family law attorney to know when post-divorce alimony may be awarded to extend the help to a dependent spouse receiving assistance for basic needs.

However, it is not always possible to extend such help or support after a divorce is finalized. The family courts are aware of this fact. Therefore, a judge will consider many factors while deciding whether to grant alimony.

Factors considered include earning potential and age of the recipient spouse. In certain situations, Philadelphia permits permanent alimony for the life or until remarriage of the dependent spouse, although it is rarely granted.

There are circumstances under which permanent alimony will end. These circumstances include the death of the receiving spouse or when that spouse remarries or cohabits with another.

In contrast to permanent alimony, spousal support is usually given for a specific period after divorce. Consider taking help from one of the well-known family law firms in Philadelphia for help with this complex issue.

Mistakes to Avoid During the Divorce Process

A couple goes through a lot of stress during the process of divorce. You might be facing several meetings involving discussions with a lawyer, or facing an argumentative courtroom battle, all while you have to deal with your emotions. The stress and emotion can lead people to make mistakes during the process . Some of the mistakes that a couple must avoid are as follows:

  • Not Considering Alternatives to the Courtroom
  • Parties in a divorce generally believe that during a divorce litigation is the ultimate option and that all their issues can best be resolved in the courtroom. However, there are various alternatives for resolving marital disputes that you should consider. These alternatives can include, for example, mediation. A mediator directs and helps during the session which is aimed toward resolving various conflicts such as child custody, property division, and more.
    Mediation is a less costly process and consumes less time when compared to the courtroom battle. A prominent family law attorney in Philadelphia working on your side can be a significant support for you and will help you throughout the court proceedings.

  • Not Considering Your Taxes
  • A divorce process will have a number of significant impacts on the parties’ taxes. Some of the factors to be considered in relation to taxes are changes made in name, address, filing status, tax withholdings, claiming of dependents, sharing retirement assets, and divorce tax deductions. Speaking with a financial expert on matters such as how to reduce your taxes, paying the right amount, and how to file properly will be of great help. Furthermore, 2020 and 2021 features some important changes to the tax issues relating to spousal and child support to be sure to work with a family lawyer in Philadelphia.

  • Uncertainty About the Future
  • Changing from being a spouse to being a single person can drastically affect your future and it would be a great idea to prepare for that change. An individual can have a limited source of income and there may be debts accrued or assumed during the divorce process, child support payments, and other expenses. You must be realistic with your expectations of life post-divorce, prioritizing goals, creating a reasonable plan, and outlining the action plan.

  • Involving Children in the Divorce Process
  • Divorce is an extremely difficult phase for children. A parent may need support during this phase, but the parents must not involve the children in the disputes arising out of the divorce. They can speak to relatives, friends, or a therapist to give them support during their tough times. They should not use the children to do so.
    A person must also ensure that they do not speak badly about the other spouse in front of their children. This could have a negative impact on the children and can also hurt the critical parent in the future during custody hearings.

Contact a Philadelphia Family Law Attorney at ACKF, PLLC

If you are seeking a reputable law firm that has a successful track record of obtaining favorable legal results for its clients, contact the firm of Premier Legal Solutions, PLLC today. When you have a child custody or divorce case, there are many legal roadblocks that can be difficult to navigate. It can be overwhelming and confusing for you, taking a lot of your time and energy.
At Premier Legal Solutions, PLLC, we have experience in family law cases from both sides of the aisle. We will work closely with you to make sure your case is defended and resolved for your peace of mind.

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