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How Can A Philadelphia Social Security Disability Lawyer Help in Filing A Claim?

Many people struggle physically and financially in the process of getting social security disability benefits. Many people have worked hard and paid into the Social Security System throughout their life. Therefore, if you are facing a tough time in getting these benefits, then legal advice from an informed lawyer will surely help you.

A lawyer will stand for your rights and will also help you by aggressively representing your case. In Philadelphia, claims of disabled people are often denied at the first instance. If your initial claim is denied then you should consult an experienced Philadelphia social security disability lawyer who will help you in obtaining the disability benefits you need.

A skilled lawyer will help you to improve your chances of winning the Social Security Disability benefits. An attorney will be aware of the complete legal system and will help you with filing your application. By consulting a competent lawyer, the mistakes that would have been made in an individual’s Social Security application can be avoided throughout the overall process.

Disability benefits may be denied for a variety of reasons, including administrative and procedural issues. However, seeking guidance from one of the seasoned disability lawyers in Philadelphia will ensure that your initial application fulfills the rules and procedures of the Social Security Administration. If denied, a lawyer will file again for an appeal against denial by presenting suitable arguments stating that the claimant is eligible for the disability benefits.

Along with this, an attorney can also help in filing a claim for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The SSI program has been designed for adults who are 65 years of age or older, or younger people with a disabling condition and constrained income. It is vital that if you are notified by Social Security of a hearing date for Supplemental Security Income, then a lawyer can prove to be beneficial in your case.

A lawyer can analyze all the legal perspectives of your case, and a capable SSI lawyer in Philadelphia will be well-versed in evaluating your impairments, analyzing your Social Security file thoroughly, developing your case in a great manner, preparing you to appear before Social Security Administration (SSA), and gathering all the essential evidence such as statements from medical staff and other medical records.

A lawyer will also present legal arguments before or at the time of the hearing, question the witnesses, cross-examine the medical experts, file any vital appeals within time limits, and represent your case at every stage of the claim.

The statistics of the U.S. Government Accountability Office reveal that a disabled individual is three times more likely to receive the disability benefits if he or she is represented by a suitable attorney.

If you attend the hearing conducted by the Social Security Administration without consulting an experienced social security disability attorney in Philadelphia then you may be at a disadvantage. A lawyer will help you organize your claim, work with complete concentration, and present your case in the best possible manner.

Social Security Disability Process in Philadelphia

The overall procedure of applying for Social Security disability is the same in Philadelphia as in the rest of the United States. Generally, most people go through two phases of the disability process:

  • The Paper Application
  • The Administrative Hearing

An individual should refer to a competent lawyer in Philadelphia for smooth processing of the overall social security disability process.

Paper Application

Firstly, a person must complete the application form properly. You may be surprised to know that an average of 63% of people are initially denied disability benefits. Therefore, your application must be completed properly to increase the likelihood of your application being approved.

For this, strong medical support from your doctor is necessary as it ensures that your application will be approved. A person must be able to prove that an individual’s disability falls into one of the impairments specified in the Blue Book of the Social Security Administration (SSA).

This will help convince the SSA to approve your application, which can be quite challenging. Once the initial application has been sent, an individual receives feedback within a time of 3 to 6 months.

Administrative Hearing

In the case that a person’s initial application gets denied, then he or she can appeal against the decision. The appeal is conducted in a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge and no jury. The process of appeals is quite complicated. While the hearing is going on, a claimant must present evidence that indicates that he or she is unable to work due to the disability.

Usually, there is a vocational expert present who will testify to all the evidence. A vocational expert is a person who helps the judge govern the disabled person’s ability to work. This standard is referred to as substantial gainful activity. To be eligible for disability benefits, the applicant must not be able to engage in substantial gainful activity due to their condition.

The location of the hearing is decided based on where a person lives. A lawyer will represent his or her client during the appeals process conducted by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

An attorney will ensure that their client’s records are organized and presented properly. In addition to this, a lawyer will properly question the witnesses under the presence of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) to ensure the best interest of the disabled person.

Qualifications Required for Obtaining Social Security Disability Benefits in Philadelphia

In the Philadelphia Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, people who have paid their taxes to the Social Security system can apply easily. To be eligible for SSDI benefits, a person must fulfill the following criteria:

  • A person must have worked in a job covered by Social Security
  • A person must be suffering from a medical condition that meets the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability

The complicated part of the SSDI application is proving your disability effectively. This can be easily done with the help and assistance of a capable attorney. A knowledgeable lawyer will help you to efficiently gather all the vital documentation and will also help in proving the disability to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

If you are not able to work because of your physical and mental disability, then it is likely that you are eligible to get the social security disability benefits. It is suggested that you do not forfeit your right to get these benefits.

If you are about to complete your initial claim for benefits, or your initial claim has been denied and you need to file an appeal against a decision, it is always advisable to seek help from a capable and experienced attorney to provide assistance in the overall process of receiving the disability benefits.

If you believe yourself to have a disability that qualifies for social security benefits, contact a disability lawyer at our firm today. They will be able to help you with what is needed and how best to proceed.

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