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Features of an accident involving an uninsured motorist

An uninsured motorist accident is a term used for vehicle accidents in which one or more of the drivers do not have insurance, or do not have sufficient insurance to cover the damages for which they are responsible. Uninsured motorist accidents also include hit-and-run accidents, where the at-fault driver flees the scene before they can be identified. These accidents can involve any type of vehicle, from a car to a truck. 

Uninsured motorist accidents can result in serious injuries, and in some cases, death. Unfortunately, in uninsured motorist accidents, there is no uninsured driver’s insurance company available to pay for damages if the uninsured driver has no assets. In addition, uninsured drivers are often hard to find because they may not have a car or any other vehicle registered in their name. 

In uninsured motorist cases, it can be especially important to gather evidence such as:

  • Police reports of the accident
  • Photographs of the scene where the accident occurred and any damages caused
  • Photographs of any property damage
  • Statements from witnesses about how the accident happened and  who was responsible
  • Medical records and bills

Uninsured motorist coverage is a type of insurance that helps protect drivers in the event they are in an accident with an uninsured driver, or a driver who does not have enough insurance to cover the damages. In many states, uninsured motorist coverage is mandatory, meaning that drivers must have it in order to drive. 

While Philadelphia does not require drivers to obtain uninsured motorist coverage, all insurers must offer the coverage, and an insured must sign a form to opt-out of the coverage. In PA, the minimum amount of monetary coverage available is $15,000 per person and $30,000 per incident. However, this does not mean that if you only have the minimum amount of insurance that your claim will be limited to exactly $15,000 or $30,000. 

UM/UIM coverage will help to pay for damages that the other driver is responsible for. Your UM/UIM claim will be paid by your own insurer up to the limits you select, including the liability coverage on the other vehicle which would have been payable if that driver were insured. If you carry higher limits than the other driver, your UM/UIM coverage will pay for the entire amount of damages. 

How can a car accident lawyer help you?

If you are injured in an uninsured motorist accident in Philadelphia, you should speak with a local uninsured motorist lawyer to find out what your legal options are. A lawyer for uninsured motorist accidents can help you file a claim against the driver’s insurance company, or file a lawsuit if you need to. The process of filing a claim will vary depending on the specifics of your accident and state laws.

Insurance companies often take advantage of people who do not understand the law or insurance policies and will try to get them to agree to a settlement offer that they cannot afford or refuse to pay altogether. An attorney for uninsured motorist cases can help you request fair compensation for your injuries and property damage. 

In some cases, an attorney well-versed in the uninsured motorist accident area may be able to help you get compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and other expenses related to the accident. In the unfortunate case that you have lost a loved one in an uninsured motorist accident, an attorney may be able to help you file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

An uninsured motorist attorney can also help if you are an insured driver who was in an accident with an uninsured driver, or a hit-and-run accident, and the at-fault party cannot be found. If you purchased uninsured motorist coverage, the attorney can assist you if your coverage does not pay for all of the expenses that you have incurred as a result of the accident.  

If you have been injured in an uninsured motorist accident, please contact our law firm for a free consultation. We can help you understand your rights and determine the best course of action for you. 

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