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Common causes of amusement park accidents in PA

Amusement parks and the attractions they offer are a very popular American pastime. Nationwide, millions of people visit amusement parks every year. Many of these people enjoy thrilling rides on roller coasters, carousels, and other theme park staples.

Unfortunately, amusement park accidents and injuries do occur on these rides. The types of amusement park accidents that can occur include:

  • falls from rides
  • being struck by objects on the ride
  • getting caught in or between moving parts of the ride
  • ride malfunction
  • dizziness, nausea and other health problems caused by the rides

Philadelphia law is particularly strict in relation to its amusement parks. PA amusement parks are required to have a state-certified inspector check every operating ride and turn in inspection reports every 30 days, provided the park is open during that month. These inspection reports must be filed with the state within 48 hours of completion of the inspections. However, many amusement parks in the state fail to comply with these requirements, even though a violation can result in a civil penalty of up to $5,000.

In the event of an amusement park accident, a victim may be entitled to compensation from the ride’s owner or operator. In order for a liability claim to stand up in court, however, the plaintiff must prove that the company failed to take reasonable precautions to ensure its customers’ safety and provide a safe environment. The plaintiff may be able to recover damages in a premises liability claim if he or she is able to prove that the park was open and operating while it knew, or should have known, about potential hazards on its premises.  Since this is a personal injury case, the inured party must demonstrate that the amusement part:

  • Owed them a duty of care
  • Breach that duty
  • That the duty caused the reasonably foreseeable injury

How can a Philadelphia amusement park injury attorney help you?

When you or a loved one is injured as the result of an amusement park’s negligence, your life can be turned upside down. You may be dealing with medical bills, lost wages, and other damages.  The primary question that arises in these cases is how to hold the amusement park’s operators responsible for their negligence.

If you are injured on an amusement ride, an amusement park accident attorney would likely hire an investigator to take photos of the ride and surrounding area. This investigator may be asked to place measurements in certain locations or ask witnesses what they saw before,  during, and after the accident. 

Your amusement park injury lawyer will also likely send a preservation letter to the amusement park asking them to preserve all evidence related to the accident, including video footage of the ride and safety inspection reports. This will help your lawyer build a strong case against the amusement park.

Accordingly, if you or a relative has been injured in an amusement park accident in Philadelphia, it is important to contact a trustworthy amusement park accident lawyer. The attorney can determine how to file claims against negligent parties and help victims recover compensation for their pain and suffering. If you need legal advice regarding an amusement park injury, please contact our law firm.

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