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Cases That Are Handled at Family Courts 

Family law is an area of law that deals with different relationships, family matters, and domestic relations. It is the body of law regulating family relationships, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, and many more. The law plays a significant role and provides equal rights to different family members. It ensures and enforces equal human rights to people who share a home.

It also aims at reducing the instances of physical and emotional abuse. Different types of domestic matters are often handled at family courts. The following are some of the common issues that the family courts handle:

  • Marriage dissolution – Marriages can be terminated through a divorce, but it tends to impact the entire family. It can include issues about child custody and property arguments. When a couple cannot come to an agreement on their own, it may be necessary to contact Philadelphia Family law professionals. 
  • Child custody – When you wish to separate, you also need to pay attention to your child’s future. You cannot let the dissolution of your marriage ruin the future of your child. In PA, the court and the judges will decide based on the best interest of the child. They will examine and review who has the better resources and can offer a better future to the child.
  • Name change – Name change is another type of case that the family courts often handle. If a child or an adult wishes to change their name, they will have to follow a legal procedure via the family court. 
  • Guardianship – Cases of guardianship will involve giving someone legal responsibility to care for a dependent. It is often required when adults cannot take care of their medical, personal, and financial needs. Guardianship bestows legal rights to someone to ensure that the adult can live a healthy life. Guardianship may also be awarded for minor children in some cases, such as when there has been physical abuse.
  • Orders against domestic violence – Victims of domestic violence should take legal steps to protect themselves from abusers. They can reach out to the family courts for legal assistance. The court may be able to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO). If you are dealing with an abusive situation, contact a Philadelphia Family Law professional immediately. They can not only help you to obtain and enforce a TRO, but may also provide other resources to assist you out of your situation. 
  • The termination of parental rights: The family courts also have the right to terminate any individual’s parental or adoption rights. This is often done when a parent fails to perform their parental duty and is accused of an illegal activity involving the child. For instance, child abuse cases can lead to a complete termination of parental rights. They may have to face criminal charges separately. 
  • Juvenile matters: The family courts also oversee matters related to child  behavioral issues. For instance, cases related to child abuse, child neglect, or instances where minors are accused of illegal behavior. All these cases are often resolved with Philadelphia family court laws
  • Approval of underage marriages: Minors or those under 18 who wish to marry can file a petition. The family court will review their application and make its decision considering various other factors. 

Reasons you might need a family lawyer

Whether you need or do not need a legal professional can be a daunting decision. It helps to consider several factors and your family dynamics when making this decision. You may require the guidance of a professional when you are dealing with one or more of the issues described above.

They are professionals who are well-equipped with family law  and courtroom procedural knowledge. They will provide you guidance and will help you navigate the legal system. If you are dealing with any of the following problems, you should consider consulting a family law attorney Philadelphia

  • Divorce and separation issues
  • Issues about property settlements
  • Child abuse issues
  • Any issue related to your marriage 
  • Cases related to domestic partnerships 
  • Cases related to child custody and adoption 

These are some of the situations where it may be necessary to consult a professional to handle legal matters in order to protect your rights and interests. 

What should I expect when I am working with a family lawyer? 

You should keep in mind that the family law spectrum is broad. There are cases related to the child, marriage, property, and various other things. Therefore, you need to understand that not every legal professional will have experience in all of these categories. 

Before proceeding with hiring a lawyer, you should inquire about their level of experience with the particular issue you are dealing with. You need to ensure that you hire the right legal professional who is competent to handle your case. You must not hesitate to ask them questions related to your case. It will help you determine their skills and evaluate if they will be able to handle your case. 

You can expect your lawyer to handle every aspect of your case. From filing paperwork to reviewing documents to negotiating agreements, drafting settlement contracts and representing you in the court, a skilled attorney will handle all these tasks. They will provide you with the most valuable information and increase your chances of winning the case. 

Family law cases, especially child custody or domestic abuse, are not easy to handle. However, a legal professional’s assistance will guide you and help you fight the case. A family law attorney Philadelphia is available today to assist you. 

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