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Nick Ananin, ESQ, EA
Lev "Leo" Burkov, Paralegal
Nick Ananin, ESQ, EA

Nick Ananin, ESQ, EA

Owner and Founder at Premier Legal Solutions

Nick Ananin is a PA-barred attorney and IRS Enrolled Agent. Nick Ananin is admitted to practice before the U.S. Tax Court.

He has over 10 years of experience in the areas of income taxation, including income tax planning and compliance for high-net-worth individuals, law firms, medical offices, schools, transportation companies, and other closely held businesses.

Nick enjoys providing consulting services on various business law matters, tax-efficient structures for start-ups, business organizations, licensing issues, and is well versed in proactive tax planning for LLCs, corporations, partnerships, and other types of businesses.

In 2019, Nick was a legal intern in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, where in close collaboration with the Judge and his law clerks, he assisted in drafting the Third Circuit Court's opinions on civil and criminal cases. Nick conducted legal research and drafted opinions on procedural and substantive issues (including contractual matters, matters of bankruptcy court’s discretion, statutory interpretation as it relates to common law, First Amendment and Due Process issues, and issues related to RICO cases).

Nick received his Bachelor of Business Administration with concentration in accounting from Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management in 2010, where he was on the Dean’s List, and was privileged to become a member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society, the highest honor attainable at an AACSB accredited school of business, which the top 5% of business school programs around the world, with members at the top 10% of undergraduate students.

Nick is also the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s scholarship nominee, one of the most prestigious scholarship programs in the nation, most of whose undergraduate scholars attend Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nick received his Juris Doctorate from Rutgers University School of Law, where he was on the Dean’s List for his academic success.

In addition to his legal practice, Nick owns and manages a boutique accounting firm, leading a team of CPAs and staff accountants and co-owns a digital advertising agency. Nick is highly skilled in the areas of negotiation, and has also been an inspirational educator, entrepreneur, and a motivational speaker.

Lev "Leo" Burkov, Paralegal

Lev "Leo" Burkov, Paralegal

Lev "Leo" Burkov is an experienced law clerk with a career spanning over a decade in the legal field. His journey began in 2009 at Kagan Partners (Moskow, Russia) where he gained valuable experience and honed his skills in legal document preparation, research, and project execution.

Throughout his career, Leo has worked in various legal roles, including Director of the Legal Department at YA.TAXI, a leading international ride-sharing company, where he successfully grew the Legal Department from scratch and achieved favorable outcomes in trials, ensuring the company's operations were not hindered.

Prior to that, Leo served as a Senior Lawyer at BALTBET, one of Russia's largest sports betting companies, where he handled a significant number of trial cases across different regions, saving the company substantial amounts through successful defenses against illegal tax inspections and fines.

Leo's legal expertise extends to his time as an In-house Lawyer at LTD "Forlite.ru," a company specializing in unique lightning technology, where he streamlined contracts, registered trademarks, and technology patents, and implemented an integrated e-paperwork system for efficient document circulation.

Before his experience at "Forlite.ru," Leo worked as a Legal Advisor at JSC "MTS," the largest mobile network provider in Russia. In this role, he analyzed and corrected commercial estate contracts and achieved a high success rate in trials related to breaches of contracts and labor law issues.

Leo is currently pursuing a Paralegal Certificate from CLS by BARBRI, affiliated with Framingham State University in Massachusetts, to further enhance his legal qualifications.

With his extensive legal experience, Leo brings valuable skills in legal research, document preparation, and analysis to support attorneys and deliver effective legal solutions. He continues to make significant contributions in the legal field, ensuring compliance, providing valuable insights, and assisting clients in navigating complex legal matters.

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