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Did your baby sustain an injury over the course of your labor and delivery? A Newark birth injury lawyer may be able to obtain damages to pay the medical bills, compensate you for your child’s suffering, and other damages suffered through the birth injury. The judicial framework for medical misconduct can be extremely complex. Our birth injury attorneys will address every part of your injury so you can concentrate on your child’s wellbeing.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Birth Injury Case in Newark?

Birth injury cases are different from many personal injury cases in that the underlying injury affects both you as an adult and your baby. In addition to dealing with your child’s injury, you and your family should consider the foregoing:

  • You will want to educate yourself about your child’s injuries
  • You must transport your child on a regular basis to several routine checkups
  • You must cope with your health own difficulties
  • You have to deal with everyone’s emotional and mental distress

These days of pandemics and lockdowns are already challenging times. Given these potential concerns, you should think about whether you can handle your claim independently. If not, you won’t have to worry about your own strength if you consult with our experienced injury lawyer in Newark. We take on much of the stress and duties associated with your case, allowing you to concentrate on your child’s recovery, your personal health, and other responsibilities.

What Do We Do for Birth Injury Victim’ families?

A Newark birth injury attorney is dedicated to putting things right for you and your child. In most cases, this entails securing compensation for your losses. To achieve the task, the attorney will first:

  • Communicate with you to gather information regarding your situation
  • Conduct a separate inquiry into your child’s birth injuries
  • Collect any pertinent evidence
  • Determine your losses
  • Determine who is responsible
  • Create a plan for your case

These first procedures will give your birth injury attorney the information that will serve as the foundation for your argument for compensation. We will complete all required steps after we have filed your case. We interview witnesses, communicate with you about the case, and arrange the settlement, or litigation if that proves necessary in the end.. It is our responsibility to resolve your dispute.

A birth injury is a tragic incident for which you may be entitled to compensation. Allow our Newark birth injury attorney to seek the justice you and your child deserve.

What Kinds of Damages Are Covered by a Birth Injury Lawsuit?

We may be able to gain compensation for all birth injury-related damages if we can establish that negligence caused your child’s injury. These potential damages include the following:

  • Injuries your child has already suffered
  • Future losses that your child may undergo
  • Suffering you have previously endured
  • Complications that may develop in the future

Birth injuries can have long-term ramifications. As a result, our Newark birth injury lawyer will adopt a long-term approach to your damages.

Recoverable Injuries Sustained by a Child Due to a Birth Injury

  • The pain, suffering, and discomfort caused by their birth injury
  • Psychological stress as a result of their birth injury
  • Their injuries resulted in a loss of viability.
  • Monetary security (if the child’s injury causes long-term financial repercussions)

As a parent, you may incur direct financial costs due to a birth injury. On the other hand, your child may suffer in several serious ways. Their anguish may be compensable by money damages.

The Most Common Birth Injuries

A baby can sustain a wide range of birth injuries. Birth injuries come in a range of types and severity, with the following being some of the most common:

  • Broken Bones
  • Babies are quite delicate, and if a doctor or nurse applies too much force during the birth process on a newborn’s sensitive body, the baby may suffer from broken or shattered bones.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Babies have sensitive neurological systems when they are born. If a doctor or nurse is not careful with the infant’s body, the spinal cord can be damaged. The spinal cord and the brachial plexus nerve, located between the neck and shoulder and occasionally pulled, strained, or ripped during birth, are two of the most frequent birth injuries.

  • Injuries Caused by The inability to Foresee Birth Complications
  • Doctors and nurses are well equipped to observe a pregnancy throughout its course for signals of abnormalities and difficulties. If they have failed to identify or acknowledge and follow up on these indications, the late discovery can affect adversely affect the birth process, the child, and the mother.

  • Head and Brain Injuries
  • One of the most commonly encountered injuries that newborns sustain is a head injury. Brain injuries are usual when the baby’s brain is starved of oxygen during delivery, or suffers a brain bleed. Head injuries, such as a cephalohematoma, or accumulation of blood under the scalp, can occur when delivery devices are misused.

Contact Newark Birth Injury Attorney At ACKF, PLLC

When a mistake happens in the delivery room, it can have long-term consequences for a family. If your child experienced a birth injury, you must advocate for your child’s health and hold those involved accountable.

If you or your child has been injured in a birth, contact our Newark Birth Injury Attorney at ACKF, PLLC. Our Newark Birth Injury lawyers are dedicated to helping individuals who were impacted by birth injuries recover monetary damages for the injuries and medical expenses they suffered.

We have years of professional experience speaking for affected families and have the sympathy you need in an attorney to address your birth injury case. To discover more about the compensation you and your family may be owed, please contact an attorney on the move.

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